How It Works


What Is Fotizi?

Fotizi is a free, on-the-go platform for seamless booking of home prepping services between realtors and their trusted vendors. Scheduling reminders, photo sharing/viewing features, and homeowner notifications are all included to streamline the home prepping process.

Why Fotizi?

Fotizi eliminates back and forth texting and/or phone calls between realtors and vendors to schedule photo shoots, virtual tour videos, staging, measuring services, and more! With Fotizi you book a service in three simple steps. Book your services, pay for/receive payment for services, and send/receive your files all in the app! Service requests, booked services, and completed services are all easily visible from each realtor or vendor’s individual dashboard.

How Much Does It Cost?

Membership in Fotizi is absolutely free!

How Do I Join?

Simply click “Create an Account” on the log in page and fill in your contact information. That’s it! You’re in!

How Do I Connect with My Realtors/Trusted Vendors?

Once you have created an account, click the “Refer a Friend” button on the ??? page.

For Realtors:

How Do I Book a Service?

From the home page click “Book a Service.” Submit your property information. Select your desired service option(s), add it to your order, and submit. Fotizi will notify the vendor of your service request and prompt them to send you scheduling options. Fotizi will notify you when your scheduling options are ready to review. You choose the appointment time that works best for you. And that’s it! You are all booked!

What If the Appointment Options Don’t Work for Me?

Simply click the “New Time Options” button on the time option review page. Fotizi will notify your vendor to send alternate scheduling options.

How Much Do Services Cost?

The cost of each service is set by the trusted vendors in your network. Pricing for services is clearly displayed in real time during the booking process so there is never a question about the cost.

How Do I Notify My Vendor of Key Placement? Special Requests?

When booking a service, simply add details such as key placement, lockbox codes, or special requests in the “Notes” section of the booking page. Your vendor will then see those requests in their dashboard once the service is fully booked.

How Do I Pay for Services?

You’ll be directed to pay for the service as soon as you book it. You’ll pay with a credit card just as you would for any online service. Fotizi will then email you a receipt, or you can always view invoices in your account.

For Vendors:

How Do I Book a Service?

You will receive a text notification as soon as your realtor submits a service request. You will be prompted to submit three time options for service completion. Fotizi will then notify your realtor of the options you supply. Next the realtor chooses an appointment time, books, and pays for the service. That’s it! Fotizi will send you a text confirmation of the booked service appointment.

What If I Can’t Perform the Requested Service?

Can’t perform the service at this time? No problem. If scheduling conflicts won’t allow you to complete the requested service, from your scheduling window, simply click “Hand Off”, and choose the service professional you most trust to complete the job. Fotizi will notify both you and the assigned service pro once the service has been booked.